New Year Momentum

I kicked off New Year’s day by dusting off the treadmill, weight bench, and ab coaster. The treadmill was the scariest part. Apparently, my treadmill’s weight loss presets are designed for Olympic athletes! The first few minutes were fine. I jogged along at a “normal” speed, feeling pretty confident. Then the pace kicked up to 7 out of 10. I made it at least 30 seconds… I think. Oh well, everyone knows the treadmill is just there for you to get warmed up. Everything else in my workout was as easy as looking at the picture on the machine; monkey see, monkey do. I worked up a sweat and felt a little sore. What more could I ask for in a workout?

After a couple hours, I talked one of the kiddos into going to the horse stable with me. Maximas was a total muddy mess. Luckily, he cleans off pretty easy for a white horse! Once we had brushed him from a dark brown to a light tan, I lunged him in the indoor arena. Even though he had been in his stall all day to keep out of the rain, and hadn’t been ridden in months, he was in a great mood. I thought to myself, “Self. If you don’t ride this horse on New Years Day, you may as well forget about doing it for the rest of the year.” So, I tacked him up and headed out to see what would happen. Lucky for me, a stable mom was hanging out while her kiddo got their horse time in. I swallowed my pride and asked, “Hey, could you do me a huge favor and hold my horse? (while I get on)” She bustled over with a “Sure! Hey, Max!” and gave me a helping hand. Max emphasized the immediate danger I was in by yawning while I clambered up into the saddle. Then we walked, and walked, and walked.

Baby steps!

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